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Gordon: WWII veteran questions motives behind wars

Stuart "Boot" Gordon, Silverthorne

Amazing. For the past couple weeks I’ve wanted to write a letter to the editor about people thanking me for my service in WWII. (I wear my WWII Army Fly Boy cap with pins representing the fighter planes I flew to get a little respect in grocery/bumper cart games, etc.,) And out comes Michael Moore’s article on Jan. 6.

It’s nice for people for people to do so, but I think that Americans have become dupes of those who create our wars, i.e. the military/industrial complex, the bankers, brokers and stockholders who benefit from our war economy, those who privately own the U.S. Federal Reserve who get a commission for every bond we sell, and their minions (Congressmen).

Yah, I’m proud we beat the Nazi and the Japanese war lords. But didn’t we sell scrap iron and gasoline to the latter so they could create their war machine only to cut these vital supplies thus creating the fiasco on Dec. 7, 1941? (Fiasco because President Roosevelt, Secretary of Navy Knox, Secretary of State Hull, and Army General Marshall knew the Japanese were attacking.)

Who exactly did finance Hitler and Lenin/Stalin? Who paid the agitators who created WWI or our own Civil War?

Weren’t the wars in Iraq and Vietnam contrived like our war with Spain in 1898? Didn’t John Foster Dulles give North Korea the green light when he publicly stated that our “sphere of influence” stopped at Japan?

Could it be that we are all dupes? That we’re hypocrites by thanking our troops but doing nothing to stop wars, the sales of armaments, to eliminate our huge “defense” budget, the foreclosure on homes of service men, or help reduce the number of ex-service men who are homeless or commit suicide?

The next person who thanks me for my service will get this reply, “If you’re serious, then join me in redesigning America. Let’s build Light Cities where banks are locally owned, where our architecture is curved into a park like setting (no autos). Where our media and education system don’t dumb us down, where entrepreneurs are encouraged and capitalism is for all (via a “new” approach to economics called Synergistic Capitalism). And the residents are aware and care.”

Stuart “Boot” Gordon, Silverthorne

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