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Goyim are out in hordes, confusing history, dictators and issues

I can’t believe it. The goyim are out in hordes. Now, even during the High Holy Week of Passover, people such as Erin Galbraith force me to ponder good ol’ Adolph Hitler and the near extermination of my people. I think of a Russian aunt I knew as a child: She spoke very little English, she was very large and loving, and I always wondered what the little tattoo on her forearm meant.

Sorry, Ms. Galbraith, that’s as far as I can go on that one in this space and time. But for you to even suggest that I and other people in the county believe that Hitler did nothing wrong proves there is just way too much beyond your capability of reason.

But you’re right in that there are many people out there who believe that the Holocaust never happened

You’re right. I’m one of those people who drive a vehicle that gets more than 30 mpg on the highway and walk or ride my town bike whenever possible.

You’re right. I’m one of those people who would rather change a nation’s consciousness and consumer habits than drill for oil in a recognized national wildlife refuge, just so we can keep some overblown, overdriven sport utility vehicles in fuel for several years. You’re delirious if you think we’ve got huge reserves to fall back on.

You’re right. What Saddam Hussein and his brothers have become is no fairy tale. The stories surfacing right now are phenomenal. Bad, bad men. Horrible. Last Sunday at Father Dyer Church, we sat silently and listened to the bell toll for each American lost in the invasion. It took a long time. This “war” is sad and frightening, and it’s being run by a sad and frightening fundamentalist Christian president.

A fundamentalist can never reason with too many facts, especially the fact peace has never been attained through war. In his quest for stability in an inherently unstable part of the planet – to ensure the regular flow of oil – Mr. Bush is killing trees, animals, people.

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