Greater attention to McCain’s comments needed |

Greater attention to McCain’s comments needed

Jaime Harmon, Frisco

I would like to bring greater attention to the recent phone interview conducted by a Colorado newspaper with GOP candidate John McCain and the outrageous comments he made regarding the Colorado River Compact and possible renegotiation of the treaty to allow California, Nevada and Arizona to receive more water.

The bravado McCain showed by suggesting our already water-starved state should give up more of its water rights to downstream states that have taken more than the water allotted to them for years is not only outrageous but clearly indicates his clear lack of concern for the outcome of our state’s election on Nov 4.

He showed complete disregard for the needs and concerns of Colorado’s residents, not to mention the other Upper Basin states that would be affected by a change in the compact.

McCain even managed to offend his own party ” Colorado Republicans’ outrage was made clear by a quote in the Denver Post by Republican U.S. Senate nominee Bob Schaffer: “Over my dead, cold, political carcass,” regarding McCain’s call for negotiations of the water compact.

McCain’s true colors and his inability to put other state’s interests ahead of his own were made crystal clear this weekend.

Rather than moving beyond his current role as senator of Arizona and showing true presidential potential by recognizing how Colorado’s citizens stand on the water issue, he made it quite obvious that his main concern while visiting our state was ensuring Arizona will benefit.

His political stance on this issue will not change if he gets into office, and Colorado residents should take note of his intentions.

I, for one, believe McCain’s stance on the issue shows he either believes he has won Colorado, no contest, or has completely written off the state.

We, as Colorado residents, need to show him how wrong he his on November 4;

we need to show McCain that our state takes note of his disregard for our rights and opinions by ensuring he does not receive our state’s electoral votes.

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