Greed is factor in Home Depot vote |

Greed is factor in Home Depot vote

Ruth S. HertzbergCopper Mountain

I have been reading all of the various letters pro and con, concerning Home Depot. It seems to me the one that made the most sense was the one about the development of Truckee, along Interstate 80 in California, where Bruce Tigg lived for two years (Daily Mail Dec. 2). When I could find work at a prep school in Squaw Valley, I too lived near Truckee for a year. I remember it as a series of shopping malls and “Big Box” stores, which I never shopped in. Of course, I do not know what it was like before its “development” as a shopping mecca. I think Home Depot represents the beginning of this same kind of overdevelopment for Frisco, which is still a beautiful mountain town. I do not know why the Frisco Town Council wants to change the beauty of Frisco, bringing in huge numbers of shoppers and traffic congestion. They are motivated by Mammon – greed, money, the almighty dollar. They are helping the Wal-Marts and Home Depots to control the world.Any sensible voter would turn this proposal down. Vote “No” on Home Depot.

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