Greg Iwan: Where’s the money supposed to come from? |

Greg Iwan: Where’s the money supposed to come from?

Greg Iwan

Regarding the angst over the Dutch boy (the US Government) keeping his finger in the dike puzzles. Private business appears quite willing to shovel mud rather than hire. During WWII the drop in private investment was almost exactly balanced by increased government investment and consumption (borrowed). Not many complained, for our country was saved. And the first half of the 1940s were incredibly lucrative for industry.

In Colorado, Sharon Bart of Golden (“Prop. 101 for patriots,” SDN letters, Aug. 18) urged tax system “reform.” Maybe we tax those who can pay at zero rates, and throw the rest into debtor’s prison? Example: State “replacement” of prospective reduced school property taxes. From where might the state get that money, if Amendments 60 and 61 pass? How might public K-12 survive 10 years awaiting funding replacement? Bart “compounds” state “spending” from 1982. How much had to support unemployment benefits, disaster relief, prison construction, road maintenance (not covered by federal allocations)? Adjust for inflation and population, as Doug Bruce pretended to in 1992. Allow qualitative differences in needs, much as the Bureau of Labor Statistics does to compute CPI. And ditch the hard sell on red herrings such as rollback in rental car taxes or $10 auto registrations.

Morgan Liddick got into the act August 17. He advocated conserving resources. For what? Should we ask a fireman to turn down his water, so he can have more left to spray on adjacent buildings that ignite as a result of insufficient flow on the first fire? How misguided.

“Truth” is not relative, and it cannot be found through politically motivated views, wishes, or position statements. Hard data are difficult to overlook, unless bias and emotion control. And a “patriot” is one who loves and supports his country, not only him or herself. According to Webster, that’s the truth.

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