Gregory Robertson: Didn’t like Mayfield column |

Gregory Robertson: Didn’t like Mayfield column

Gregory Robertson

I have to take exception to Rich Mayfield’s column of Nov. 28.

Mr. Mayfield, and SDN by your publishing of this type of sewage, have managed to degrade, not to mention insult, the beliefs of millions of Christians. His allusion to Jesus’s conception being the result of rape is beyond the pale.

Mr. Mayfield takes bits of history and weaves them into a garment to suit his own biases. That’s all well and good for him in his private life, but as a “man of the cloth,” he speaks with a certain amount of authority. Sadly he abuses his position to advance his own agenda and to spout theories that sound eerily similar to the various heresies of the first five centuries of Christianity. Worse yet, he steals an Internet rumor that “Basic Instinct” director Paul Verhoeven is publishing – a book claiming that Jesus’s conception was the product of rape – and cannot even be bothered to mention it’s not his idea. And it’s not a new idea either as it’s been around since 2008! How can this man be teaching ethics at CMC when he is stealing others ideas?

I have studied theology for three years (via a course from Sewanee the School of The South) and I can see where Mr. Mayfield gets his twisted opinions from. He like many in the world are concerned about the bilge that spouts from the so-called religious right in this country and around the world. In an attempt to counter the literalism and heretical opinions emanating from them he, and others like him such as Shelby Spong, go the opposite direction and shred the Bible in a way so as it has no meaning. The “Fathers of the Church” warned strongly agaisnt both these methods stating clearly that both lead to divisivness, pride and heresy. And that is what Mr. Mayfield is. He is a heretic, plain and simple.

I am going to encourage people to boycott your paper untill an apology is published by you and by Mr. Mayfield, and I am further going to do what I can to see to it that Mr. Mayfield isn’t rehired at CMC because he is also unfit to be teaching ethics, let alone anything else. I will not have my student fees, no matter how small the sum, go into the pockets of a man who is a heretic and who spews hate against any religion, be it my own or anyone else’s.

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