Gruber memorial on Sunday |

Gruber memorial on Sunday


Grubby, sometimes known as Michael Gruber on official documents and mailing lists, died Thursday, Jan. 31, at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver. A long-time resident of the High Country, it is a cliché to say that he spent his last doing something he enjoyed, on skis with the blue sky above and white powder below. No bit of protective equipment designed by man could have prevented the head injury. Of that injury, his body showed no sign, not a bruise, and if his mind registered pain, then the coma that enveloped his final days kept him from it.Friends of Grubby will gather together for each other and his wife Kristi and daughter Kaileen on Sunday, Feb. 3, at 4 p.m. in the Community and Senior Center, 151 Peak One Boulevard, near Frisco. There will be time to share memories, and all are encouraged to do so. Photographs, prints or copies in an electronic format, are welcome, and will be assembled in the weeks to come for all to enjoy. Memorials may be deposited into a benefit account established at First Bank in the name of Mike (Grubby) Gruber.To the age of 40, his entire life had been an active verb. Grubby climbed mountains, built houses, became a skilled professional in many disciplines. When he climbed mountains, he marked the way for others to follow, and wrote a guidebook to be sure that they could. When he built houses, he built memories as well and shared the skills he’d acquired in the heavy callous of his hands. He couldn’t fly, but at more than 100 mph on skis he certainly tried. He couldn’t live forever; but to even want that requires selfishness he did not have. Instead of ego, Grubby had a humble heart for which all who knew him are grateful.