Guest column: Dealing with spring in the mountains |

Guest column: Dealing with spring in the mountains

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Well it’s springtime in the mountains and awakening in the morning it may be winter, spring or summer. Noticing how this varied weather affects the humans living here is interesting.

Children seem to take it as it comes some notice and some do not. Children in general live in the moment and because of this they are not as affected by external forces as adults are. At some point in a persons life it switches from unconditional happiness, acceptance of what is and living in the moment to thinking that we can somehow control the external world.

Most adults try to control the outside world by complaining about it, working on fighting it (it being whatever they think is not the way they think it should be) or running away from it in essence denying that its happening. As I watch my son grow and mature, it’s amazing to me how fast he bounces back from things. He just takes things in stride whether it be an injury, negative things at school, losing privileges and most of all the weather.

Yes most of us grew up in a climate where April 1 or thereabouts the weather would slowly get warmer and warmer and then it would be summer. In most of those climates it was much lower elevation and instead of snow we would get rain for days. Remember April showers bring May flowers well here in the High Country its more like April snow brings June flowers.

Anyway in the High Country we all tend to live in the ski area reality which says winter starts in November and ends in mid-April. Somehow Mother Nature has not gotten the message. If the ski area were still open there would be lots of us still out there having lots of fun and not worrying that spring was not here yet.

For some reason though once the area closes everyone expects it to be like Disneyland where we flip a switch and now its biking season and the weather gets warm and all of the snow melts. In a perfectly controlled world this would happen but when it comes to the weather we are not in charge.

Here are a few suggestions to help the humans that are in the resistance mode of living right now in the High Country.

– Keep your winter clothes out and just filter in some spring clothes from your storage so that you can be flexible with what the weather is that day. If it’s winter wear your winter clothes and if its spring wear your sandals if you dare. You can also wear a winter sweater over a spring top.

– Get out in the weather. This is very important since being outside is very healthy for us. Trapping you inside because its winter that day will only make it worse. Bundle up and go for a nice long walk. The fresh air will totally change your attitude. If its spring that day definitely get out in it soak in all of the suns vitamin D so that it will help you through when it is cloudy. Go easy on the sunscreen you need at least 20 minutes without sunscreen to absorb the vitamin D into your skin. If it’s going to be longer then that either get out of the sun, cover up or apply sunscreen.

– If you find yourself being negative (this applies to the weather or anything else for that matter) put as many negative things as you can think of for about 2 minutes into one of your hands. Pay attention to how that feels. Now for the same amount of time put all positive things into the other hand and see how it feels. Now ask yourself which would you rather have? Whatever you focus on will grow so make a choice. Now take the negative and the positive and pretend you have a slinky and you are melding the two into one. The positive will always feel better and will take over the negative just like when you walk into a dark room and turn on the light the darkness disappears. Be aware that simply changing the way that you handle things can make the difference between being someone who is controlled by external forces or who is strong internally.

– Take your vitamins on a regular basis. Krill Oil is a great source of vitamin D and will help you feel better during times of dark weather. Vitamin B is good for stress and a good multivitamin will give you nutrients that you are not getting from your food.

– Invest in a sun light. I use a light called OTT-LITE. You can go on line and buy a lamp that is pretty inexpensive. I have one right next to my computer and whether its spring, summer, fall or winter I use mine while I am working. All of us sit at a computer for some part of the day. It’s a great way to get your vitamin D even though you are inside.

– While you are walking outside take some time to just look around and enjoy the beauty that we have here. Even in May after a snowstorm it is so beautiful. As you walk take 5 minutes and say all of the things that you love out loud so that Mother Nature can hear you. It’s amazing how good it makes you feel.

So enjoy all of our seasons learn to be more accepting about what is by being grateful and active no matter what the weather. If you talk with someone who is having difficulty with the weather and starts a negative conversation simply honor what they have to say and then change the subject to something more positive.

This way you can stay happy within yourself no matter what Mother Nature is putting out …

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