Guy Pacot: Bad judgment by Obama |

Guy Pacot: Bad judgment by Obama

Guy Pacot
Frisco, CO Colorado

In response to Mr. Kleckner’s accusation of partisan politics (Letters, Feb. 13), I’m guessing his definition of partisan politics is my lack of participation in the denial of any bad choices that this president makes. May I remind you, Mr. Kleckner, that our president did promise sweeping change. He promised transparency, but did not hand over notes and transcripts from his transition team’s discussions and correspondence with former Governor Blagojevich. He then proceeded to knowingly put tax-cheats, lobbyists and other various lackluster appointees ” some of whom are now being investigated before the Senate for approval ” to work in his cabinet. Only an ideologue would see pointing out the truth of these things as partisan Mr. Kleckner. I don’t know you either and I’m sure you’re a good person as well, but as your opinion of me is partisan, my opinion of you is naive if you cannot see these things for what they are: bad decisions and bad judgment.

What you and most people don’t know is that back in 2004 I was very excited when I first heard about Barack Obama. I was commuting back and forth to Chicago to work in an Internet startup there and said that I hoped this man would run for president. I, like many others, was in awe of his speaking abilities and what appeared to be a different approach to government, but as I studied him and what he truly stood for, I was alarmed.

In regard to solutions Mr. Kleckner, we as conservatives have offered many, among them tax cuts. In regard to spending, we have learned our lesson from the Great Depression when it came to FDR’s New Deal, which in the end did nothing and also from the Revenue Act of 1932, which nearly tripled the tax on the wealthy and caused our nation to further plunge into economic disaster. To learn from history and stand firm to make sure that the same mistakes are not repeated isn’t partisan. This stance isn’t popular with Democrats and the mainstream media who refuse to compare this stimulus with the New Deal and who also refuse to compare the Democratic strategy of taxing the wealthy with the Revenue Act of 1932.

You can call me whatever you like Mr. Kleckner, but do me this one favor, when I mention actual facts, please do not label them as partisan. When you do, it’s you who looks like the partisan.

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