Guy Pacot: Dems drunk on power |

Guy Pacot: Dems drunk on power

Guy Pacot

Democrats are trying to desperately spin their less than lackluster health care bill and improve their low approval numbers; I would expect the local liberal rank and file to do no less. Here’s just a little of what the local Dem apologists aren’t saying that really are the issues with voters:

The debt has gone up $2 trillion since Obama has taken office – It took Bush over four years to run the debt up by the same amount; Obama did it in less than a year-and-a-half. Can you imagine what it will be by 2012?

CBO report: Debt will rise to 90 percent of GDP under pace set by Obama – The debt to GDP ratio when Bush left office was 51.9 percent.

It’s no secret that America is upset with the process of reconciliation the Dems shamelessly employed that had never been used for legislation with such a huge scope and sweeping ramifications. Let’s also not forget the Obama and Dems “let me trump you on that, I (we) won” hubris when dealing with Republicans. American citizens don’t care who won or lost elections. Americans do care when their “representatives” absolutely ignore their wishes, give shameless backdoor deals to unions and special interests, craft bills behind closed and locked doors, vote down amendments 99 percent of the time along party lines, borrow and spend money at record levels, pass out bribes to get votes, and thumb their noses at the Constitution.

Here’s another hint, when you ram a 2,700 page bill through Congress, maybe someone should actually read it and make sure they’re good with the wrath-bringing ramifications contained therein. In the last two weeks numerous companies have had to state the economic impact this health care legislation has on their bottom line to their investors. Now we have the liberal progressive thugs on the hill lead by Waxman of California trying to intimidate these companies disclosing the facts. How dare these corporations have the gall to tell the truth!

Americans are figuring out that the liberal progressive agenda is basically one big list of taxes on not just the rich, but working-class Americans, and even the poorest among us. Now we have the White House kicking around the VAT tax. We can thank our lucky stars that the Senate hasn’t taken up cap and trade. I think they figured out there’s only so much they can cram down our throats before we choke and reflex it right back at them.

It’s the agenda, the process, and the general disregard for the voting public that has come back to haunt the Democrats, who with their lock on Congress and the presidency were just too drunk with power and their inability to “let a good crisis go to waste.” They will reap their collective just rewards this November.

Even though we know the liberal progressives deem the 40 percent of Americans that identify themselves as conservative (moderates being 36 percent and liberals being 20 percent) to be their intellectual subordinates, we’re smart enough to know a bad bunch when we see them and that’s not fear and loathing, that’s just good old American common sense and just deserved disdain by the voting public.

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