Guy Pacot: Energized conservative |

Guy Pacot: Energized conservative

Guy Pacot

The last two weeks have seen President Obama yet again selectively enforce the laws of land, invoke executive privilege at the 11th hour, and the Supreme Court declaring the Obamacare mandate unconstitutional in regards to the Commerce Clause yet allowing it to stand as a tax. The silver linings in the Supreme Court decision were putting a limit on the Commerce Clause and now effectively laying the largest middle-class tax in history at the feet of President Obama and the Democrats (not to mention all the hidden taxes in the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and the expiring Bush tax rates). This, however, does not negate the fact that the progressive left has now found a mechanism they can use to implement their legislative agenda tested now by an established Supreme Court ruling.

Polling has consistently shown since Obamacare was passed that the majority of Americans want it repealed. Well now there is only one way to do that, make Barack Obama a one-term president, and take back the U.S. Senate. Without those two important foundational pieces, repeal of this crippling health care law is impossible.

I believe many conservatives have rested on their political laurels after winning back the U.S. House and taking the Colorado House by a slim margin in 2010. Many people like me have left the Republican Party due to the disdain of the Republican establishment elites for grassroots activists demanding to have a say and hold their elected officials accountable.

The progressive left is counting on this Supreme Court ruling taking the wind out of conservatives’ sails but they are hoping against hope. I believe conservatives are even more motivated now to make a difference as we have seen what the progressive left does when they have the presidency and both houses of congress.

It’s time for all that reside in the camp of conservatism to get involved. No more sitting on the sidelines. If you were energized in 2010 because of Obamacare, you should be on fire now to make sure we expand the U.S. House majority and win back the U.S. Senate with a filibuster-proof majority. We need to keep and expand the Colorado House majority and win the Colorado Senate as well.

We as conservatives need to work like never before, or soon we will become a nation that no longer resembles a nation of freedom, liberty, and greatness. Participation is not optional; the state of the Republic depends on it. Defeat is not an option, either.

What will you tell your children and your grandchildren? That you sat idly by and did nothing or that you counted the cost and stood tall for a patriotic, free, and liberty-driven America?

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