Guy Pacot: Government’s not the answer |

Guy Pacot: Government’s not the answer

There’s been much local banter concerning deficits, spending, budgets, cuts and the like this year. We’ve seen many opinions on the subject as well. Some of those opinions are based in fact, some in ideology, but all have missed one very important and basic point: the responsibility we all share when it comes to coexisting locally, statewide, nationally and globally. We as citizens of Summit County, Colorado, the United States, and this planet share a common bond of humanity, which in many ways seems to have been lost somewhere along the way the past eight decades.

I’ve heard many stories from relatives of the Great Depression and WW II eras. I’ve also read a great deal about them in my studies of American history and specifically about WW II. Extended families, communities, states, and the entire nation rallied to the aid of their own. It’s nearly impossible to read any credible account of American history and miss the stories of compassion and care that transcended all demographics including income and ethnicity.

Despite the great attempts of many during the Great Depression and WW II, it was neither the government nor the political class that delivered this nation from its woes. It was something that seems to have slowly eroded along the path these many decades of relative prosperity have taken us down; that unwavering sense of patriotism, brotherhood, compassion and care that defined America in those days.

We cannot turn to government to solve the problems that we face today and will continue to face us in the future. Those problems by their very nature defy the ability of government to solve because we are not defined by government no matter how hard the political class tries. We in the United States are defined by the very nature of who we are and why we or our ancestors came here. We are in most cases gracious, good-hearted, caring and compassionate individuals.

I’m spending my time these days making a difference personally. I start with my family, my church, my community, and expand from there. When we as citizens take a look at the heritage we have as a nation and see the very vivid examples of care, compassion and community that have defined us in the past, I think we’ll begin to recapture and revive that spirit we so desperately need again.

We have hungry to feed, sick to care for, people to clothe, young ones to mentor, and innumerable opportunities to make a difference right here in our midst. Don’t wait for the government or some organization to do the job that we all in some way have the ability and duty as Americans to do. We all share a responsibility to take care of our fellow man, let us never be found wanting in regards to that responsibility.

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