Guy Pacot: Obama already failing |

Guy Pacot: Obama already failing

Guy Pacot
Frisco, CO Colorado

I had told SDN editor Alex Miller to hold back on my last letter because I wanted to give the Obama administration a fair shot for a month. Well, the events of the last 15 days have been horrendous in my opinion and I could not remain silent any longer.

We have seen tax-cheat after tax-cheat (not to mention multiple illegal alien employment violations) paraded before the senate to be voted on for the Obama cabinet. We have seen at least three appointees withdraw because of either tax-code violations or potentially more serious criminal or ethical violations. I think it both brash and egotistical to present such poorly vetted cabinet appointees. I made at least two appeals to the public in letters before the election of this president’s inability to show good judgment and now have been proven right by his actions in the first two weeks of his presidency. I believe he calculated that he would again receive a free pass from the media, but much to his surprise and mine, that didn’t happen.

We have seen the House proven to be so out of touch with their own constituents by proposing a stimulus plan that is neither stimulating or job-creating in its proposed nature. It is nothing more than a collection of the last half-decade’s voted-down social restructuring measures. A recent Gallup poll shows that this current stimulus plan has only a 38 percent approval rating. We have also seen President Obama’s approval rating decline by 14 points in only two weeks. At this pace he’ll be below President Bush’s last approval rating in a matter of months and not years.

For President Obama to endorse the pork-laden, social-engineering agenda of this current stimulus plan shows that he is just as out of touch with America as the House representatives and proven himself to be nothing more than the far-left liberal that he truly is.

Call Jared Polis and Mark Udall and let them both know that you don’t want them voting for this stimulus plan which is nothing more than a payback to the far-left for electing Obama and his buddies in Congress in the first place.

Mr. President, your performance in your first two weeks in office has proved abysmal. Let us trump you on that, you promised change we can believe in, don’t you think you should start delivering?

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