Guy Pacot: Voters: Get informed |

Guy Pacot: Voters: Get informed

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems the political world has gone farther over the edge than at any other time in my life. I’ve had a couple of rough months health-wise, but with the help of friends was able to make it to the Republican State Assembly where I was a delegate to the local, state and national office voting sessions. This was my very first time as a delegate. To say it was an experience would be an understatement.

This is not a letter to promote a candidate or a party, but a letter of exhortation to the voters. We have primaries coming up, and before you cast your vote, ask yourself why, exactly, you’re voting for that person. Is it because you like the touchy-feely ads they put out, the platitudes and promises they push with a tear running down their cheek? Is it the promise that they’re different from all the rest? Do you know their spouses? Or maybe you actually run in the same elite circles they do and that’s good enough for you.

Republicans, Democrats, and independents: We need to really do our homework for the primaries, which will lead to November. Every eligible citizen must vote this coming August and November, because if we let things continue down their current path, irreparable damage may be done.

We can’t re-elect the same Democrats that have run up the debt three times as fast as the Republicans did their last time around. We can’t re-elect the same Republicans that made a contract with us and betrayed us for nearly eight years. We can’t re-elect the same people who have turned this system into a manipulative joke and who have collectively thumbed their noses at the American citizenry.

Morgan Liddick wrote a column not too long ago about what I call a political IQ test. I have a different take on things. I think it not only commendable, but compulsory that every voter personally research every candidate and those seeking re-election – you must check their voting records. It’s all available online, and yes sometimes you have to wade through the disinformation.

I asked at least two dozen people at the Republican State Assembly why they were supporting their candidates, most of them delegates, and some would give an articulate answer and others simply repeating back the things I said earlier in this letter. I did the same personal poll with some friends, and the percentage of informed people is pathetic at best.

I urge every voting citizen of Summit County to weigh the candidates they support on more than just vapid and vacuous language and promises. Weigh them on their past performance whether it’s in the private sector or political office. We’ve been lied to far too many times by the current crop of frauds, and it’s time we sent real people, people like you and I, to represent all of us in DC. Again I would also urge every eligible voter to get out and vote at your respective primary and do it as informed as you can be, or you may find yourself on the receiving end of something far different than you thought you were voting for.

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