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Haas: Trashing the Constitution the real problem

Richard Haas, Frisco

This national jobs problem is not hard to understand. The federal government gets its funds in three ways: (1) by taxing corporations, businesses and individuals. That takes money out of the private sector. (2) by borrowing it. That adds to the national debt. (3) by printing more. Which devalues the money already in circulation and creates inflation. The federal government is a consumer. It only adds to the economy by creating a favorable atmosphere for the private sector. In other words, it gets out of the way … within reason. The more freedom the private sector has, the more money businesses, corporations and individuals make, and more jobs are created. (well duh!) And the more money the federal government makes in taxes.

I’m on Social Security and Medicare. So I’ve been around a while. I expect to pay more in taxes and get fewer benefits from my so called “entitlement” programs. Whichever party wins the next election will have its hands full. If Democrats win they will have to curtail the social programs and cut way back on the spending. If we took all the money from the rich people, it would run the federal government for about three months. So that’s not the answer. Republicans will have to give some on the tax issue, but at least they have a budget to start from.

In my opinion, the real problem has been the trashing of the Constitution. Both parties have used social issues on a federal level to gain election to office, and to keep getting elected. Wouldn’t you rather spend your education dollars on a state and local level, rather than on the national level?

So think this over. Use some common sense. Do you want jobs and a better economy or do you want “compassion” from Democrats.

Richard Haas, Frisco

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