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Hamner gets two-year extension

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Summit County, Colorado

Summit School District Superintendent Millie Hamner’s contract was extended another two years Tuesday evening, and she asked ” for the second consecutive year ” not to receive a raise.

“To have the longevity and leadership with Millie has been enormously positive for our district, and I think she’s done a great job,” Board President Christine Scanlan said Wednesday.

Hamner will continue to receive $153,427 per year through next school year, when her contract will again be up for extension. She’s been in the position since 2004.

“We’re incredibly lucky,” Scanlan said, adding that the average tenure for a school superintendent in Colorado is about two-and-a-half years.

Hamner said she would prefer any salary raises be given to staff.

“I feel very strongly that the salary I have is fine,” she said.

A survey by Educational Research Service found school superintendents in the Rocky Mountain region average about $110,000 per year, according to a report in the Denver Post.

John Barry, of Aurora, is the state’s highest-paid superintendent, making $259,132 per year, according to the Denver Post.

Hamner said that for the district, her top priorities include ensuring the implementation of the International Baccalaureate program is successful in all schools.

She also aims to make more clear what is expected of schools and classrooms.

Hamner served as assistant superintendent for three years before her appointment.

“It was a little rough at the beginning with the sudden transition in leadership,” she said. “It has been rewarding for me to provide some stability to the district in the next five years.”

She said she is thrilled to be continuing her employment with the district.

“I love my job,” Hamner said. “I love working around kids.”

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