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Handful of bad apples at fault

Lynn Fisher

If you were living in Nazi Germany and wrote a letter asking for the resignation of Hitler, you would’ve ended up in a concentration camp, and more than likely would’ve ended up dead.

This right, among many, that we take so flippantly is one of the things our soldiers are fighting for right now.

It’s unfortunate that a handful of bad apples in the Iraqi prisons is giving the bulk of the citizens in the U.S. a skewed view of what’s happening.

Thank you to the liberal media for continuing to pound this into our brains, while stories of our soldiers being killed in car bombings get a 15-second segment.

Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States: Whose rights? Terrorists? You have to be a citizen of the United States to have access to these rights. Even if you are a citizen and manage to do the unthinkable, you lose them (see Timothy McVeigh).

Have we forgotten Sept. 11, 2001, – a pretty big atrocity if you ask me?

Should we as Americans have responded by sitting around and trying to “talk” to the terrorists? Perhaps we should’ve given them a “timeout”? These are violent people. There’s no reasoning with them, they’d prefer us to be dead. Yes, it is unfortunate that innocent people sometimes do get caught up in the spoils of war. This isn’t a new concept, good guys as well as bad guys will die during war.

Nicholas Berg was a good guy. It seems he was a giving, free-spirited sort, and wanted to help the Iraqi people. That didn’t stop him from being brutally murdered. The terrorists don’t care if you’re supporting the war or not. If you’re an American, they’d rather see you dead.

These Iraqi prisoners that had a prod stuck up their rear end, still have their lives. We didn’t behead them with a dull knife, and a mask over our heads.

They’ll get to go home and see their families again. If they’re so humiliated, they can off themselves, I’m sure Allah would be happy to welcome them to paradise.

Lynn Fisher


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