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Harold Tyber: Hidden Gems inflexible

Like so much of the Hidden Gems proposal, there is little consideration for the historic motorized use in so many of these areas. In three out of four of the Hidden Gems proposed wilderness tracts, the stated concern is illegal motorized use. So Hidden Gems proposes to make illegal use illegal? What is so curious is why you need a totally inflexible approach like wilderness designation to better manage this issue?

Instead of rationalizing the demand for motorized access via a sensible enforceable travel management plan, the proponents of Hidden Gems want total closure. It is not necessary, there are better, more flexible, ways. Further, they willfully ignore the impact on the 100,000-plus off-highway vehicle users in Colorado who want to enjoy our forest land through responsible motorized access. It also ignores the potential economic impact on our communities from a total and irreversible ban on such use.

Where’s a plan to address the increasing demand for legal and authorized motorized use by locals and visitors? The answer from the Hidden Gems proponents is always you will lose just a little. It never seems to be let us address your concerns. The real problem is that wilderness designation gives no options.

Don’t cut it all off, use sensible planning and authorized routes to address these issues. Motorized users want to enjoy the “Hidden Gems” too, and none of us need this sledge hammer proposal when plenty of existing management tools are available.

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