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Heidi Spurgeon: This one will cost us

Thank you Mr. St. Pierre! It’s insulting to assume any Republican who dislikes Obama only does so because he’s black. I feel health care reform is due, but not this one and not done this way – 2 a.m. secret meetings, bribes, etc. I personally will not support any bill constructed under sneaky, unfair sweet deals and bribes for votes. Have you bothered to read the latest Rasmussen polls? Fifty-four percent of American voters favor a repeal of the current bill, 64 percent said that Congress (mostly Democrats, as you pointed out) is doing a poor job. And here’s the big one: 70 percent of American voters are angry with the polices of the federal government.

Well, it sounds to me like you are no longer in the majority. The Democrats have done a poor job, and the next election will prove it. And while we’re at it: George Bush is gone now so you can quit whining over his failed policies. The letter you wrote was mean and insulting and sounded a lot more like gloating over winning the election – not the passing of this sad and costly bill. This bill should have been put to a vote by the American people, not by a Congress trying to make an arrogant president look good .This health care bill is not going to work because my friend ,control is only an illusion and this one is really going to cost us!

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