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Helpful info for computer users

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Our theme for today’s article is “helpful information.” Let’s get right to it.

First of all, I’ve had many requests for help from confused readers during the past week regarding the download of Spybot, one of the programs I mentioned in last week’s article.

Turns out that a slight misprint in the paper led to quite a bit of confusion; people were ending up at a totally different site promoting the sale of “Spyhunter,” a completely unrelated product.

The site you should visit is actually, not, as was printed. What a difference a dash can make in cyberspace, eh? Try out the correct link and you should be fine.


We all run into points in our lives when we could use a bit of general help and direction. So if you find yourself feeling a bit lost and your friends and family aren’t around to proffer advice, you may wish to visit

Within this site, you can search for wisdom relating to almost any topic you can imagine: death, strength, tolerance, community, risk, joy, attitude, leadership, worry, indifference and ethics – just to name a few.

New quotes are always being added, and if you’d like, you can even sign up for the Wisdom Quotes E-mail List.


When you feel like you need a bit of help, when your computer system is freezing up or acting strangely, first try to help yourself.

Hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This will open up a “Close Program” window in which you can see what programs are running and, occasionally, what’s not.

If you see any programs marked “Not Responding,” try closing them by highlighting them in the list and then clicking the “End Task” button. These nonresponsive programs may just be destabilizing your computer and simply closing them down for the moment might fix up your system.

Note to Windows XP users: After you hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete, you’ll need to then click on the “Task Manager” button to open up your “Close Program” window.


Many people are aware that is one of the Internet’s most helpful sites for finding whatever it is you’re searching for. The one issue that I bet irks many of you, though, is that oftentimes your search results include Web sites written in languages you can’t read.

Of course, results aren’t very helpful if you can’t understand them. Therefore, if you’d like to ensure that your Google search results include only Web sites written in English, follow these four simple steps:

1) Go to 2) Click on the “Preferences” link to the right of the search box. 3) In the “Search Language” section of the page, make sure that “Search only for pages written in these language(s)” is checked and that “English” is the only language with a checkmark next to it. 4) Move up to the very top of the page and click the “Save Preferences” button. That’s it! You’re done.

And there you have it! A (hopefully) helpful article on helpful information. See you next week.

eRin pheiL is the owner of timeforcake ( Based in Frisco, timeforcake is a creative Web and graphic design firm. eRin can be reached via phone at (970) 668-0709 or e-mail at

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