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Hertzberg: Disagrees with Liddick

Ruth Hertzberg
Copper Mountain

Disagrees with Liddick

Re: “Or, turn it off,” by Morgan Liddick, column, Oct. 2

I assume by that title (“And On Your Right,” Mr. Liddick wants people to turn off their television sets. He call the “last lap” of the election cycle both slimy and nauseating. Is this because the voters may get closer to the truth about the candidates? Or maybe since it is the night before the first debate and he wants to discourage the voters from watching it. This period, he says, is filled with “execrable ads, innuendo, outright lies and defamations.” Yet, it is usually exciting and convinces many voters to vote for the candidates of their choice.

Then Mr. Liddick tries to tell people how to vote. For instance, if anyone is called “extreme” that is the candidate you should vote for. If anyone is accused of tying Granny to a wheelchair and pushing her over a cliff, vote for that candidate because his or her opponent is using fear tactics. Or, if a candidate’s plans will end Medicare as know it vote for that candidate, because Medicare will collapse financially. (That is why Paul Ryan’s wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system). And if a candidate is accused of trying to end abortion or prevent women from having access to birth control, vote for that person!

Very briefly, these are the major facets of the Republican positions, and they have indeed become a political party of extremists. I doubt that enumeration of their platform will convince many people to support them. Mr. Liddick’s question about why abortion providers don’t advertise, (some do, but discreetly) it is because they may fear for their lives, a very rational fear, which has been proved by the murder of Dr. Tiller.

The Republican candidate Mitt Romney has also been accused of both breaking the law and acting unethically. He has also been accused of shipping jobs to China, when his firm Bain Capital closed unprofitable plants in the U.S.

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I think no one will heed Mr. Liddick’s advice unless he or she was a convinced partisan already. The majority of voters will surely follow the remaining weeks of the campaign and vote for the presidential candidate of their choice based on their own interpretation about what is best for the future of this country as it enters the 21st century. I thank the gods for the wisdom of the people who will not “turn it off.”

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