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Hertzberg: Liddick’s abortion guilt trip unwarranted

Ruth S. Hertzberg, Copper Mountain

Morgan Liddick in his column about this Supreme Court decision which allows women to terminate their pregnancies for various reasons, obviously feels that this was an immoral judgment in which women gained the right to kill their growing fetuses for whatever reason. He has done his best to guilt trip any woman who does not want to have a baby and ends her pregnancy legally and under medical supervision.

I believe that a woman should be able to control what happens to her body. If she has impregnated by accident or rape, or she is too young or her own health will be adversely affected, she should be able to end her pregnancy and she should have no guilt feelings. It is a decision she and her physician should make with no interference from men who know nothing of her circumstances and her feelings. It is her right to make this decision. It is not infanticide to protect her right, as Mr. Liddick claims. Most women make decisions to end their pregnancy carefully with much deliberation.

I hope by the time he reads this letter, his 3rd grandchild, Emma, will have arrived. We can guess that she is a healthy, much wanted baby who is beloved even before she is born. Would that all babies were welcomed in that way. But we know that such is not the case.

I myself have had five pregnancies (within six and a half years). I cannot say that all my babies were welcomed with such fervor as Mr. Liddicks grandchild. But I never considered aborting any of them. But one of them had a rare hereditary disease which eventually killed him. I knew I could conceive another child who also had this disease. Not wanting to put another human being through such an ordeal as my Eric suffered, I wanted and would have used the rights given me in Roe v. Wade if I had conceived again. I hope Mr. Liddick thinks that I have given a sufficient reason for my support of Roe v. Wade.

We hope women who choose to terminate a pregnancy will do so in the first trimester … before the fetus has viability. But sometimes that is not possible. As Mr. Liddick says, only two out of 55 abortions done every day are in the third trimester. It is a small number and he knows nothing about the reasons for them. It is a medical decision for the woman to make in consultation with her physician. The reasons are none of his business and is it not for him to resolve the moral dilemma involved in that decision.

It is a basic woman’s right to be able to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, and we can do without grandfathers expounding on the morality of such a decision.

Ruth S. Hertzberg,

Copper Mountain

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