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Hey, Spike! finds two Zealous brothers in Frisco

Miles F. Porter IV
Special to the Daily
Special to the Daily/Ron Drake

Those Drake boys sure are lucky, still getting to play in Frisco’s Bill’s Ranch neighborhood where they grew up.

Adam, 34, and Luke, 31, sons of Ron Drake of Frisco and Anne Williams Drake of Kremmling have gone forth and are prospering. And based on their family longevity genes, the fourth-generation Coloradans and Frisco natives will be doing it for a long time.

Their granddad, square dancing George Drake, passed away a few years back at age 92, having lived here since 1946.

Their aunt and uncle are Gary and Lynn Lindstrom, also longtime locals.

The young entrepreneurs can be found in their Zealous active apparel shop between Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters, owned by Tim Adrian and Nate Post, Zeke Hirsch’s Blue River Anglers, and Deli Belly, owned by Lisa and George Tousey.

“Our designs are all original and handmade at our studio here in Frisco. We make and sell men’s, women’s and children’s casual clothing, T-shirts, long-sleeves and hoodies. We also carry fitted and snap back caps and knit beanies,” they explained.

“Most of our designs are logo driven, organic in nature and supposed to represent the majesty of a mountain lifestyle,” the boys said.

They opened their Zealous store in mid-December.

“We had a soft opening the weekend of the 15th-16th, closed for a few days and then re-opened for good the following weekend,” they said.

“Business is steady – we’re just living, learning and trying to improve every day. Retail is a tricky biz; we have been successful because of the great people of Summit County and their local support. We have also had great response and business from our amazing visitors. All and all, I think we’re doing quite well for being three months in. We can’t wait for the summer, when it should be even better,” said Adam.

The Drake boys also have kind words for their landlord, Rob Philippe of Masontown Development.

“We rent from Rob, and are very blessed. He’s a good man and has given us a great opportunity allowing us to rent from him. He is very supportive of locals and small business,” says Luke.

So, where does Zealous come from?

“The name Zealous was born from the encouraging I Peter 3:13, ‘Who can harm you if you prove zealous for what is good.’ The ZL logo was born from the identity of the ZL license plates,” the boys explain.

Adam graduated from Summit High in 1997, followed by college.

“I attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, Colorado State in Fort Collins and Mesa State in Grand Junction,” Adam says.

As for brother Luke, who graduated from Summit High in 2000, he was highly involved with the school’s various sports programs, including football and basketball.

“I was Mr. Basketball,” he said, smiling at the memory and related in a previous Summit Daily story. Luke played as a power forward with the No. 24, the same number his brother had worn.

After high school, Luke started graphic design school in Denver and spent some time at Mesa State with Adam.

“While living in Denver attending graphic design school Luke’s apartment building burned down and he lost everything,” relates Adam. “Luke moved home soon after and encountered another setback when he broke an ankle skateboarding. During this time of struggle, disappointment and down time, Zealous and its ZL logo were born.”

You can find Zealous on Facebook:



Spike! and Mary, while out running, stopped to chat with John Mellon, who has about 79 days’ skiing at Loveland on a pass he paid $79 for. He has a few more days at A-Basin, Breckenridge and Copper.

Another skier getting in some quality days is Flip Rys, owner of Gore Range Garage Door.

And yesterday, we spotted bicycling newlyweds Craig and Julie Arnes peddling around Friscotown in the springtime sunshine. Congrats.

Meanwhile, we express sadness at the recent passings of Eileen Miller of Pahrump, Nev., Rosemary (Amico) Steo of Denver, Stan Davis of Lakewood and Tony Arguello of Denver and the Eagle Valley.


Miles F. Porter IV, nicknamed “Spike,” a Coloradan since 1949, is an Army veteran,

former Climax miner, graduate of Adams State College, and a local since 1982. An award-

winning investigative reporter, he and wife Mary E. Staby owned newspapers here for 20 years.

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