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Hey, Spike! recalls 40 years of Copper faces

Miles F. Porter IV
Special to the Daily

Wowsers – Copper Mountain Resort celebrates 40 years of life this weekend with a reunion and fundraiser. Here are some great people who made it happen over four decades:

Tom Dooley, Diane and Don Reaser, Lucy Kay and Chuck Tolton, Rita Cavanaugh, Bob Root, Gary Harmsen, David Barry, Brian Stephensen, Rick and Melissa Godin, John Pritzlaff III, George and Julie Mannion, Dennis Clauer, Steve Cuthbertson, Don, Jane, Lyn and Donna Peterson, Duffy Wilson, Mickey Johnston, Roger and Teresa Kliegerman, Rich and Mary Frances Ahlquist, Norma, Eric and Ginger Sundin, Tony Novelly, Sam Zell, Norm and Sandy Wise and Shannon, David and Shari Luthi, Keith, Gay, Katie and Cale VanVelkinburgh, Paul Bailey, Lew Stevens, Bob Johnson, Rick and Chris Fretland, Mike and Linda Curry, Moose Bosson, Bill Forward, Kate Shierer, Phil and Kristie Huff, Clif Taylor, Mike and Linda Schuerman, O’Lynda Fette, Rick and Judi Amico, Johnny and Phyllis Brown, Bill Murphy, Jim Isham, John Elway, Janet Elway, Fran Lynch, Lou and Marge Culman, Eddie George, Bernie and Vlasta Bovee, CJ and Patty Julin, Kevin Kelble, Don and Karen Riggle, Joe Fassel, Paula and Sam Parker, Paul and Barbara Barringer, Lee Kirsch, Maureen and Jim Reis, Gary Wilkinson and Joyce Burford, Tom and Diane and Eric and Victoria Malmgren, Cindy Lundquist, Sally Husson, C. Richard and Janet Ike, John and Dede Tuso, Rob Carney, Deb Birney, Michael Martin Murphey, Chris Martell, Terri Golden, Susie and Bobby Magrino, Tina Hutting, Dr. Phil Freedman, Laine Coffey, Pooh, Ray and Warren Bishop, Mike Weister, Chris and Maya Eby, Janet Marie Clawson, Bill Rode, Craig Arnes, Jimmy Mac, Jim Sears, Dave Balerud, Nancy Balerud, Jim, Jan, Greg and Jim Farquhar, Chris, Diane and Shane Colman, Teri Booth, Billy Booth, Bob Winsett, Hagen Lyle, Bruce Schaefer, Vi, Tom and Tony Effinger, Dot Vanderbeck, Katy Ryan, B Clauss, Steven B. Kautz, Susan Carlson, Jack and Kim Fancher, Seth Zelen, Jack Berry, George and Lisa Tousey, Mikey and Betsy and Paul Cuthbertson, John and Etta Guenther, Bruce Livoni, Michele Henry, Allen Arms, Mary B. Quinn, Danny Moroz, Ron and Norma Petrenas, Jeff Ogren, Megan Magee, Kelley Starnes, Larry Schmidt and Pat MacLeod, Ann, Dan, Mark, Linda, Rebecca McCrerey, Frank and Larry Walter, Doug and Nancy Feeley, Lou Sharpiro, Nancy Peterson, Dave Petersen, Joe and Kari Carey, Amado Pena, Frank Howell, Deb and Chip DuPont, Daryl Howard, Tom and Cindy Massaro, Paulie Werner, Leo Larkin, Don McCoy, Kim Cory, Erik Leidal, Corky and Sherrie McDonald, Wild Bill Clauer, Mike Williams, Robin Randall, Kim Kaiser, Alex Miller, M. John Fayhee, Dean Rager, Rosi Mittermaier, Jimmy and Gayla of Copper Still, Sid Swartz, Jim and Bobbie Hicks, Perry Davis, Karen and Bill Henkhaus, Beverly Morrell, Peter and Ellen Siegel, Susan Grau, Julie Faller, Suzy and Scott Randolph, Tom Duffield, Al and Nancy Roman, Gary Martin, Joe Mazzeo, Sandy Sheffield, Bill and Sharil Caffery, Deanna Jenna, Leon Joseph Littlebird, Mark Sabatini, Janet and Steve Stephens, Kathy Lasch, Vince Gill, John Denver, Phil and Steve Mahre, Debbie Armstrong, Cindy Nelson, Jon Zdechlik, Craig Stuller, Thor Keiser, Liz Horton, Gerry Roman, Marty Hammock, Dave Ingram, Shawn Smith, Sue Peterson, Cheryl Parkinson, Steve Weidenbacher, Janice Weitzmann, Mikey Silverman, Don and Linda Coleman, Tiger Aserlind, Gregg Quinn, Tom Flanagan, John Cumming, The Emricks, Paul Greco, Fritz Opel, Al Goto, Charlie and Ben Davis, Susan Thompson, John Schurr, Scott Radek, Willie Matthews, Red Steagall, Chuck and Penny Lewis, Harry and Carol Mosgrove, Bob Bloch, Andy, Lucinda, Drew and Will Daly, Roger Peart, Kim Garrity Slaughter, Jim Shay, Ed, Mark, Dean, Eddie and Calla Jones, Bruce and Liz Hodsen, Tom and Donna Upton, Bona Dea, Ben Way, Peter Weller, Denise Murphy, Amelia Lobsenz-Stevens, Kelley and Lisa Davidson, Club Med, Ben Blankenburg, Kim DiLallo, Bill DeForrest, Marie Pierre and Steve Thatcher, Gary Andrus, Jerry Muth, Floyd Bashant, Mike and Cheryl DiCarlo, Mike Levine, Mike Budszy, Moe and Trish Dixon, Pat and Dale Butler, Wolfgang, Mike Ludeman, Gary and Donna Bell, Roberta and Mark Fish, Frank Ambrosa, Jim and Connie Bull, Doug Jones, Susie Crase, Bob Hartzell, Cindy Lundquist, Cathi and Craig Kneuper, Josh Walker, Jewell

Jones, Dave Twohig, Diane and Chad Griffin, Billy Johnson, Carol and Chad Schmidt, Gail Abney, Patti Peri, Lisa Fite, Hilary Fadner, Tamara McKinney, Christin Cooper, Mike and Patrice Klysa, Cheri Breeman, Don and Karen Riggle, Michele and Bill Messenger, Bruce and Ann Hough, John and Sue Hasegawa, Bruce Cochran and Pam McCain, Shawna Fisher, Mike Stecher, Todd and Kim Casey, Heidi Himes, Lizzie Jones, Todd and Rika Moore, Rudy Papaco, Bobby and Stephanie Kato, Rocky Miles, John Clauson, John Winn, Dick Zinn, Paul Caster, Kathy Garcia, Roger Kellogg, Paul and Kathy Carson, Claire Childress, Mark Richmond, Joyce Benyo, Larry Holman, Bruce Smith, Darrell Thomas, Dan Wardrop, Daryl Bennett, Andy Blumenthal, Doug Maynard, Dan and Marian Kibbie, Doug Sakata, Kurt Morscher, Jere Lynch, Thunder and Carol Baughman, Andy and Alice Hayes, Jack and Lynn Renard, Craig Bootenhoff, Doug Loring, Jim and Marcia Spenst, Robbie and Cindy Scholl, Jerry Scholl, Richard and Katherine Thompson, CJ Mueller, Don Johnson, Bill Burton, Dale Scott, Tim Thompson, Bruce Ruff, Chuck and Dick Roy, Tom Hogeman, Jon Drabik, Noni Love, Cyndi, Jim and Jeff Wilson, Mark Mannheimer, Kim Siebenaller, Monte McClenahan, Tom Kusleika, Simone Cronoble, Austyn Williams, Dave Pfotenhauer, Laurel and Lee Cobb, Laura and Carol Goodwin, Dennis Meeker, Jack Craig IV, Bill “Slotcar” Sloatman, Mike Forbes, Bob Lieneman, Steve Erickson, Bill Mack, Karen Rooney, Sue Morman, Skip Otto, Gary Scholton, Tracy Kirchoff, Fred and Sarah Jones, Bill Magill, George Winner, Susan and Greg Johnson, Bruce Stoff, Kent and Beth Sharp, Gerry Engle, Eddie and Patti Bowers, Mark Rosen, Ray, Francie and Staci Perkins, and Joel Rasper. Whew!

Miles F. Porter IV, nicknamed “Spike,” a Coloradan since 1949, is an Army veteran, a former Climax miner, a graduate of Adams State College and a local since 1982. An award-winning investigative reporter, he and wife Mary E. Staby owned newspapers here for 20 years. Email your social info to milesfporteriv@aol.com

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