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Hidden cash in a Cheetos bag

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Summit County, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY ” An employee at a local ski shop could not resist helping himself to some cash when he noticed a found wallet near the store’s safe one morning while opening up for business.

The wallet had been placed near the safe the night before by a fellow employee, who was trying to keep the wallet’s contents safe until its rightful owner came back to claim it.

When the employee returned to the store and saw the wallet missing, she called police and began searching high and low for the elusive billfold.

Although he initially denied ever seeing the wallet, the thieving employee must have been made a bit nervous by the police presence, and he admitted to stealing cash out of the wallet, hiding it in a Cheeto’s bag and throwing it in the Dumpster.

The employee also confessed that once his colleague began searching for the wallet, he became concerned and tried to hide his connection to the crime by flushing the stolen cash down the toilet.

The employee was charged with theft and was taken to the Summit County Jail. It’s unclear whether his job at the ski shop was waiting for him when he got out.

Police were more than concerned when they noticed a car driving away from a local bar with the windows completely covered in ice, and they attempted to make contact with the driver as he backed out of the parking space.

Even though the driver smelled like booze and had blood-shot eyes, he acknowledged having only “a couple” of beers at the bar.

When the officer asked for the driver to step out of the vehicle, the operator refused and the car sprang forward and took off down the road.

Police gave chase and followed the speeding vehicle for several miles, until the driver turned off the headlights and finally pulled over on the side of the road.

Once safely in handcuffs, officers asked the driver why he chose to run, to which the driver replied that he “got scared and didn’t want to get into trouble.”

He also confessed that he wasn’t exactly being truthful about his alcohol consumption and had actually drank “about eight beers and four shots of Jack Daniels.”

After blatantly failing some voluntary roadside maneuvers, the driver was arrested and charged with eluding police, careless driving, driving under the influence and, most notably, obstructed windows, for not cleaning off the frost.

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