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High Country Conservation Center’s Party for the Planet

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Earth Day is a good time for individuals to pause and recognize that they can do something more for the Earth. Summit County residents can do this with a beer in one hand and an appetizer in the other tomorrow evening at Pug Ryan’s Steakhouse & Brewery during the High Country Conservation Center’s Party for the Planet.HC3 organizers said they opted to do something a little more laid-back than the Earth Day Action Fair of years past. “We decided to change it up and see if we could do something new and fresh and partner with a local business,” said Jennifer Santry, HC3’s community development coordinator.”It’s going to be a really casual and party-type atmosphere,” she said.At the same time, she said, people can learn about different ways to get involved with the organization and find out what other people in the community have been doing to be Earth-friendly.”You can meet people that not only support HC3 and what we do, but who care about the environment,” Santry said.Entry to the event is $10 and includes appetizers and two beers. There will also be live music from 6-8 p.m. Pug Ryan’s owner, DeRay Weaver, said he learned about HC3 through one of his employees and decided it would be a good cause to support.”It seemed like a great idea and good for the county,” Weaver said.The business will be donating the beer and appetizers at the party. Funds raised will benefit HC3’s new project, the Summit County Community Garden Network, which helps locals connect with the five community gardens in the area. “It’s a collaboration celebrating the season of growing your own food and local food production,” Santry said. “It’s come together really nicely, and the party seemed like a great way to get the word out.”Party for the Planet will help the organization further develop and enhance its garden program. Those who attend the Earth Day celebration can also learn about ways to get involved with the community gardens, including upcoming workshops, trainings and volunteer opportunities. HC3 is presenting its 2013 Green Scene Awards at the party. The awards honor community members who have done exceptional things for the Earth. This year, there will be four categories: dynamic individual, outstanding volunteer, vibrant employee or educator and local business.HC3 organizers hope the awards will inspire others to get out there and do something positive for the Earth.”It’s a good day to stop and recognize that we need to do something for the better of the Earth – whether that is doing a workshop, donating to a local, becoming a volunteer or picking up trash,” Santry said.

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