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High Gear: TrailFoody delivery is like a summer camp care package from mom

TrailFoody offers a home delivery service, dropping off your favorite snacks — and treats you haven't tried — right at your doorr before your next adventure.
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When you push hard, you need to have fuel. As a Honey Stinger athlete, I have an allegiance to some of the yummiest fuel out there, but when TrailFoody got in touch about testing their stuff, I was interested. One can only eat so much honey-based energy food on the trail or skin track.

All in one place

The TrailFoody package arrived at my door and, as I opened it, I couldn’t help but feel like a kid at camp who just got a care package from mom. I looked over the contents and wondered what each item would taste like. It all came with a handy stuff sack, but some of the items made their way to the handy waist-belt pockets on my pack for easy access. Some of my other favorite bars went into the stuff sack to keep everything organized, and then I tucked the whole thing conveniently in my pack for the next adventure in the hills.

I like the stuff sack idea — being organized is a key element of success. Knowing your food is in, say, an orange sack makes finding it in a cramped pack that much easier, saving time and energy on the trail. Having it in a bright sack also means you most likely won’t forget to put it back in your pack after snack time. As Gerry Roach said, “Never get separated from your lunch.”

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3 sizes for 3 appetites

TrailFoody offers three package sizes: the Wanderer, Pathfinder and Intrepid. They differ by the amount of food you get, ranging from enough for one or two outings on up to four outings. I tested the Wanderer package and got three outings out of the contents. I tend not to eat a lot on the trail though, preferring instead to carbo load the night before.

It can be tough finding good food that’s high in calories and still tasty. When I go to the store, I usually buy some bars and snacks for the upcoming adventures that I have planned. I have brands that I like, but not every store carries them. I also usually pack a sandwich for my bigger days in the mountains. A diversity of flavors on the palate can lift energy levels, as well as your spirits, because let’s admit: it’s not always rainbows and kittens on those slogs in and out of our favorite ski lines. Those miles of approach and exit can be a real drag sometimes and having something new to snack on can be a real distraction from the pain of the trail.

The really cool thing about TrailFoody is that they source tasty food from lots of different vendors, and so you don’t have to search for them. It’s all delivered to your door and the package I received had great diversity. Strangely enough, there were Honey Stinger chews in there, along with dried pears and jerky, which is great for replaced salt lost through sweating. There were crackers and bars, along with a selection of nuts, so that every snack break was like an exploration of flavors that were new to the palate. I looked forward to taking those breaks, and when they were done, I felt refreshed and ready to keep pushing onward and upward.

Priced for ski bums

Snack food can be expensive, with bars at the store generally running about $2 apiece unless they are on sale, and jerky can really get up there into the $8-$10 range. It seems like the value of this product is fair for what you get when you factor in the home delivery, the diversity of foods and the stuff sack.

If you’d like to try TrailFoody, use the coupon code (MAKINGTURNS) to get half off your first month of the Wanderer package. Give it a try — I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Diversity of food

High calories

Home delivery

Stuff sack in every package


Stuff sack durability — Mine lasted a few months before disintegrating, but if you get the monthly package you’ll get a new stuff sack with every order.

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