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High morale good for soldiers, but absent in-country

Re: your “Summit Soldier” series: It’s good to see that their morale is so high. If my butt were on the line in Iraq, I’d be trying to look on the bright side, too.Unfortunately, high morale alone does not a just cause make. For example, the Germans and Japanese in World War II had extremely high morale, yet few today would argue that their cause was a just one.The truth is, Iraq is a war that did not need to be fought. It has nothing to do with national security or the 9/11 attack, and everything to do with securing the re-election of George W. Bush; stuffing the pockets of defense contractors and their shareholders, which include practically everyone associated with the Bush presidency; and pursuing more oil reserves for gluttonous giants like Exxon/Mobile, which they so desperately need to keep their obscene profits rolling in, and to keep us tied to a petroleum-based economy that is obviously destroying the planet’s environment.From the standpoint of these objectives, Bush’s war has been a smashing success. For the rest of us, however, and especially for the families of the tens of thousands of casualties, killed and wounded, on both sides, it has been an abject failure.We pour hundreds of billions of dollars into Iraq, while our nation teeters on the brink of financial insolvency. We commit ourselves to years of effort rebuilding Iraq, while our infrastructure, along with our middle class, crumbles in decay. We pledge ourselves to the cause of the Iraqi people, while our own citizens face cuts in basic social services, and are literally and figuratively left stranded in the streets as the flood waters rise around them; we have 50 million medically uninsured, a number that grows higher every day; and our children’s educational system is among poorest in the industrialized world, despite the hypocrisy of “no child left behind.”And to those who say “well, we’re there now, the question at this point is where do we go from here?” The response is that the first part of the answer to that question is the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, before they can do any more damage. They and their cabal of corrupt, profiteering war-mongers have plundered our blood and treasure for too long. By comparison, the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, which led to impeachment proceedings, was a minor soap opera next to the massive tradgedy that is the Bush/Cheny administration. If we don’t have the moral courage and political will to throw these bums out, then our nation deserves and will suffer the consequences.So boys, keep up that high morale. And when you return home safely, as we all hope you will, bring some of it back with you. We are going to need it over here.God bless America, where despite the so-called “patriot act,” we still have the right of free speech.

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