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Highlights from the Legislature on Monday

” The House and Senate held a joint session to discuss plans to cut $625 million from this year’s budget ending July 1. They plan to vote on the cuts over the next two weeks. The committee recommended balancing this year’s budget by taking $244 million from funds set up to pay for specific programs and withdrawing about $150 million from the state’s reserve fund. They’re also counting on more than $100 million in extra Medicaid funding from the federal stimulus package.

” State lawmakers approved a bill that would make it easier for gays and lesbians to leave property to their partners and visit each other in the hospital. The measure was approved by the House Judiciary Committee and sent to the full House for debate. House Bill 1260 would allow any two unmarried people to sign up to be the other’s designated beneficiaries.

” The House approved a bill that would bar institutions from offering incentives for enrollment or attendance at school. House Bill 1125 now goes to the Senate.

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