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Highlights from the Legislature on Monday


Highlights from the Legislature on Monday.- The Senate gave final approval to a measure (Senate Bill 24) that bars sports teams and other venue operators from limiting how people can resell their tickets. The bill now heads to the House for a hearing.- The Senate approved a measure allowing the secretary of state to retest electronic voting machines disqualified in December (House Bill 1155). The bill now heads back to the House for re-approval because of an amendment made in the Senate requiring that the secretary justify any recertification. The bill also now says that the machines can only be approved for use in elections this year and next year.- The Senate had 35 members for the first time this year after welcoming back Steve Ward, R-Littleton, a Marine reservist who has been serving in Iraq.- The House approved on a vote of 59-3 and sent to the Senate a measure (House Bill 1083) to give more money to communities trying to cope with record oil and gas drilling.- The House killed a bill (House Bill 1149) that would have allowed school districts to use computer models to teach animal dissection in public schools after lawmakers said it interfered with local control.New Bills Introduced- Require courts to give preference to a child’s grandparents in making a custody determination if it is in the best interest of the child.- Direct the governor to negotiate with the federal government changes to agreements on immigration enforcement.- Set up a sales tax holiday in August for school supplies, clothing, computers, and musical instruments.- Exempt from sales and use tax on wood salvaged from trees killed by mountain pine beetles.- Require employers to provide reasonable unpaid break time or paid break or meal time to express breast milk and provide a private place for a nursing child up to two years old.- Create a registry for caregivers who have a substantiated allegation of wrongdoing against a person with developmental disabilities.- Impose a fine of up to $100,000 for killing a bald eagle.- Permit an owner of a companion or assistance animal to recover damages for loss of companionship if the animal is tortured, tormented or killed.- Require that people involved in traffic accidents that result in death or serious injury take alcohol and drug tests.- Create a county jail assistance fund to provide jails for illegal immigrants.

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