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Highlights from the Legislature on Thursday


– The Senate Finance Committee unanimously backed a proposal (Senate Bill 77) to make it a misdemeanor to trick online ticket sale sites into selling more than the maximum number of tickets allowed. It now moves to the full Senate for a vote. Deputy Attorney General Geoffrey N. Blue said people trying to game the Colorado Rockies World Series’ ticket site played a role in the system crashing last fall but he said the main problem was a denial of service attack on the site. That’s when computer users purposely overwhelm a site with repeated but false requests to connect in order to disable it.- The House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee killed two bills aimed at stopping fraud after witnesses said there was no evidence there was a problem. One bill (House Bill 1039) would have required voters to present photo identification before they are allowed to vote. Another (House Bill 1177) would have required voters to prove they are U.S. citizens.- The House tentatively approved a measure (House Bill 1179) that would allow the state to take away a state employee’s pension if they defraud the state after a state employee was indicted on charges she helped steal $11.1 million in taxpayer funds. It faces a third reading before it goes to the Senate.New Bills Introduced- Require county commissioners to inspect jails in their counties once a year.- Bar automated phone dialing systems unless the recipient has a preexisting business or personal relationship.