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Highlights from the Legislature on Wednesday

” The full Senate refused to give permission to the House to adjourn for four days in the middle of the legislative session. Senators rejected House Joint Resolution 1009 in a 24-10 vote, leaving the furlough in limbo. House Speaker Terrance Carroll, D-Denver, said the House cannot adjourn for more than three days without Senate permission.

” Senate President Peter Groff told senators that they can’t have any electronic devices turned on during final votes on bills on the Senate floor. Some senators protested that the edict went too far. Senate rules require that such devices, including laptops, shouldn’t be able to send or receive messages during final votes.

New bills:

” Allow unemployed workers to skip trips to the employment office to qualify for unemployment insurance benefits during the current recession (Senate Bill 178).

” Allow firefighters, law officers and other public safety employees to join a union and engage in collective bargaining (Senate Bill 180).

” Establish regional tourism zones to allow local governments to set up regional tourism projects (Senate Bill 173).

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