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Highlights from Tuesday’s Legislature


The House re-approved a measure allowing the secretary of state to retest electronic voting machines disqualified in December (House Bill 1155) after agreeing to only allow the machines to be approved for use in elections in 2008 and 2009. The bill now heads to the governor.- The House approved and sent to the Senate a bill (House Bill 1003) that would require the governor to call for a special congressional vacancy election in the event of a terrorist attack or disaster that creates 100 or more vacancies in Congress if it includes a representative from Colorado. Lawmakers say congressional leaders requested the bill.- The House tentatively approved a measure (House Bill 1160) that would allow Coloradans to support energy independence by generating energy from wind turbines and rooftop solar panels, while staying on the grid. Under the proposed legislation, excess energy could be sold back to the utility company for others to use.- The Senate backed the appointments of three people to the Charter School Institute Board. They are Patrick Grippe of Highlands Ranch, Samuel Batey of Denver and Van Schoales of Denver.New Bills Introduced- Establish a pilot program to speed up the recruitment of temporary farm workers from other countries.- Establish a college scholarship fund for children with disabilities.- Replace a $25 one-time fee and $25 surcharge for special license plates with an annual fee that would help pay for roads and maintenance.