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Hildreth: Keep the Stage under county control

David Hildreth, Dillon

I have been employed as a driver for the Summit Stage for 10 years and can honestly say that I have always been treated fairly by each of my dispatch supervisors, the operations manager and our former operations director as well. If there has ever been any occasion in which my actions have warranted discipline, they have been. Likewise, a job well done on my part has also been rewarded.

Our mechanics, in my opinion, are always productive and do their best to keep our fleet out on the roads and safe for the drivers and passengers alike. If a situation ever arises in which a bus is deemed to be in need of immediate attention, our dispatch has never allowed it to remain on route. The bus is pulled and our highly competent mechanics work as diligently and efficiently as they can to get that bus back on route. Is our operation ran without flaws? No. What organization is? Is there room for improvement? Yes, I believe so.

I work with a lot of very smart people at the Summit Stage. I witness them on a daily basis brainstorming to find ways of improving route times and cutting the cost of our operations. It is my hope, and that of those with whom I work, that we can be given the chance to “stand and deliver.” We hope to keep the Summit Stage where it should be … a county-based operation.

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