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Hill: Intolerance on both sides

Bud Hill, Breckenridge

In David Sirota’s column, “The Supreme Court’s radical new precedent,” on April 1, he states: “In adjudicating such cases, [that is, bans denying the same legal protections for LGBT couples], judges are supposed to prevent a tyranny of the majority from trampling the constitutional rights of minorities.”

In Will Durst’s April 2 column, “Equal is as equal does,” he states: “Familiarity breeds tolerance…When you say “gay people,” the emphasis is on the people and the only real difference between gay and straight is which way your head faces during sex…Whether its generational shifts, enlightened minds or disco going mainstream, the tide of tolerance is proving inexorable.”

The myth of sexual-orientation and preference being promoted by LGBT as the source of one’s identity is no more credible than one’s sexual orientation or preference being determined by behavior. It is when the tide of tolerance is used by either side to elevate opinion or ideology to the status of absolute truth that it becomes tyrannical. Personally, I am tired of the tyranny of both sides. LGBT or straight, I don’t care. If you want to hype your ideology as absolute truth and ram it down my throat, I am up for a fight.

I’m not interested in the “malevolent clowns from the Westboro Baptist Church, who make God laugh so hard he spits milk through his nose” (Will Durst). Neither am I interested in a LGBT tide of intolerance chronicled in Wikipedia under the categories of LGBT Culture (10 pages), Social Movements (18 pages) and Timeline of LGBT history (42 pages).

Wake up America both gay and straight. Get beyond the resentment, anger and fear fueling your tyrannies of intolerance. Love one another as God intends and not as you have decided others ought to be.

Bud Hill, Breckenridge

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