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Hill: Let Liddick speak his mind

Re: Timothy Faust’s letter to the editor, “A new low for Liddick,” and Tristan Spinski’s letter to the editor, “Liddick stands on the wrong side of history”

Faust writes, “Summit Daily you have reached a new low in both journalistic integrity and being decent human beings when you published Morgan Liddick’s homophobic rant … you owe the public an apology.”

Spinski writes, “In the end, these folks always end up on the wrong side of history.”

The issue of sexual-orientation and preference aside, both Faust and Spinski take the “high moral ground” of character assassination, not only of Liddick but of Summit Daily News. Fully loaded, they fire their literary AK rounds, seeking to take out anyone with an opinion differing from theirs.

I’m tired of the hypocrisy (bigotry) of seeking to bully and belittle those differing from their opinions. Thinking they have the last word as it concerns the issue of sexual orientation and preference, they feel justified in doing so. Instead of seeking to see both sides of the issue, they attack anyone who has a different opinion. While I often differ with Liddick, I give him the space to express his opinions. I do the same for Faust and Spinski. I expect the same from them, although presently this is not the case.

Summit Daily News does a good job providing a forum so First Amendment rights are exercised. I appeal to all who read the Daily Mail and those who respond by writing letters to the editor. Deal with the issues presented in a non-bullying, non-character assassinating way so we can all benefit from the truth that comes forth from the dialogue and forum given by SDN.

Bud Hill


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