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Hill: Love one another

Bud Hill, Breckenridge

The SDN Opinion and Daily Mail for Sept. 13 contained much more than each writer intended.

> Murphy, the millionaire’s dog: There we were amidst the squalor of Three Peaks in Silverthorne with our Parade of Homes tickets in hand … The crown jewel of last year’s tour reportedly cost around $9 million to renovate … Everyone had an opinion. But everyone seemed to love the millionaire’s dog…The Labrador wraggled through the mobs, greeting each with a nudge and slobber. [A while later] a commotion arose. A young man dashed in…reached for Murphy’s collar … “You mean he doesn’t live here?” “Nah, I muck out the stable across the way. One minute the dog’s behind me next hanging out with the millionaires…We’re both living out of my car right now until we can afford a place to live.”

> Same old song and dance: Enough with the blame game … the Democratic prescription for getting out of a recession is … The Republicans prescription is …

> Obama falsely accused of trying to weaken America: The desperate Romney surrogates are attacking the president from every angle … Paul Ryan made a pact to make Obama a one term president…

> US headed for economic crash: The USA is heading for a complete and total economic crash…Everything you have ever known and believed in is coming to an end.

Parade tickets and slobbering Labradors, politics hyping the election as the most important ever, dooms day declarations of apocalyptic proportions. Life is more than affluence contrasted by Murphy’s dog. Issues of import go far beyond politics skewed by the hidden agendas of those who wish to benefit from the victor’s spoils. Survival on this planet will not be determined by guns and ammo or Mad Max renegades but rather by those who open their hearts to those around them in such ways that transcend affluence, politics and apocalypse. Said a different way: love one another and do unto them what you would have them do unto you.

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Bud Hill, Breckenridge