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Hill: Not alone in his beliefs

Bud Hill

Re: “Uncivil unions, King Henry’s divorce and a wall of separation,” Morgan Liddick, Feb. 19

Within the realm of politics Sen. Pat Steadman’s rant concerning SR11 on Civil Unions declares, [If you don’t like it] “Go live a monastic life away from modern society, away from people you can’t see as equals to yourself…” Liddick counters with, “The objection [by those who oppose SR 11] lies in the state compelling actions in contravention of their beliefs regarding sin, not people.” He goes on to say, “Sen. Steadman will eventually discover…these people will neither bend to the will of the state, nor will they disappear. Instead they will force the supporters of SR 11 to accept responsibility for the predictable consequences of their position.”

Back in November when I addressed the myth (not fact) of sexual-orientation and preference being the determining factor in personal identity (with its core issue of heterosexual or homosexual not expressing who one is but what one does) I was criticized for being a bigot, liar and ignoramus. Thank you Mr. Liddick for letting me know I am not alone in my beliefs nor in my right to express them within the parameters of freedom of speech/press.

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