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Hill: You gotta serve somebody

Bud Hill, Breckenridge

RE: Coming “out of the broom closet,” by April E. Clark, April 9

In our society what is one to do concerning spirituality and connection with the supernatural? Tammy Reynolds of New Castle, Colo., a self-professed witch, reads from her personal “Book of Shadows,” which includes spells, verses and rituals, and practices her craft as a member of the Enlightened Circle (Wicca coven).

Coming “out of the broom closet” begs the question, into what? Practicing Wiccan witchcraft means engaging in magic. True magic is not illusionary, but the connection with and control of supernatural power through the combination of arcane knowledge, occult practices and metaphysical truth. There is an existential question attached to such esoteric practices, that being who and what is at its source? As Bob Dylan sang, “You may serve the devil or you may serve the Lord, but you gotta serve somebody.”

In my younger days I was on a fast track to metaphysical and mystical gurudom. What changed? I asked for an answer to this question, “God if you exist show me who has the real power?” Forty years later I know the answer, but it’s an answer that has to be found and experienced on an individual basis. We are all on a journey with a destination and whatever supernatural power we access or deny will determine where we end up.

Bud Hill, Breckenridge

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