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Hillary will restore our nation’s reputation

Marie RobertsFrisco

After Bush’s two terms in office, our reputation as a world leader is severely tarnished. I spoke to some visitors from New Zealand today and they told me that Bush and the United States is not admired in their country or most countries in the world because of the Iraq War and torture.What has happened to us? This Iraq war based on manufactured evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The torture and holding prisoners indefinitely without access to courts is shocking. Yes, President Bush, you know and I know that water-boarding is torture. Shame on you. We desperately need a president who can negotiate with World Leaders and clean up our reputation. Besides her impeccable knowledge of national issues, Hillary has an intimate acquaintance and working relationship with many Heads of State. She will hit the ground running to rectify the state of our international relations. Registered Democrats, please come to the caucus and vote for Hillary.

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