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Himmelstein: Overdevelopment at the base of Peak 8

Richard Himmelstein, Breckenridge

The master plan states: The focal point of Peak 8 is the “Grand Lodge,” (now known as One Ski Hill Place)… Adjacent lodging designed in a mountain-resort style will cradle the mountain-front plazas. Toward the ends of the Peak 8 Base area the buildings will be lesser in height and density as compared to the center or core of the Peak 8 Base.”

The new proposed development, facing the mountain-front plaza, is 7 1/2 stories tall. As a comparison, One Ski Hill Place is only 5 stories tall facing the mountain-front plaza. With the proposed development being up slope, it will loom over One Ski Hill Place. In fact, we believe that its elevation will be approximately 3 1/2 stories above One Ski Hill Place!

We need your help to stop this flagrant abuse. The developers are stretching the Land Use Guidelines and Master Plan. The Breckenridge Land Use Guidelines state that condo-hotels “…shall not exceed five stories above grade.”

If you care about the base of Peak 8 and don’t want to see massive buildings, please sign our petition.


Richard Himmelstein, Breckenridge

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