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Hip-hop Summit: Speech and SlimKid3 (Audio: MP3s)

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BRECKENRIDGE But some days I sit and dream that Im a kid again. At least thats how I feel when I think about cruising around middle school with a pair of Sony headphones held together with masking tape and a popsicle stick jamming on Arrested Developments 3 years, 5 months & 2 days in the life of …And I had just gained access to a family car by the time Labcabincalifornia by The Pharcyde mmm … dropped.The philosophies and creations of Tre Hardson (formerly of The Pharcyde) and Speech, the force behind the foundational hip-hop collective Arrested Development, have grown and changed with their personas.

Speech got loud on the groups first commercial release. The album was made of timely, relevant life issues and summer-bright beats:Mr. Wendel has tried to warn us about our ways But we dont hear him talkIs it his fault when weve gone too far and we got too far Cuz on him we walkAnd hes managed to produce solo projects that freed a more expressive Speech, including music that ranges from world music to folk music.Here are some of his more recent lyrics, which he applied to a global collection of music, philosophy and film called 1 Giant Leap the song is called Braided Hair, and he had some help from Neneh Cherry and Ulali:From the same dirt from the heels of my ancestorsthe naked rose in the fields where the pain festeredI wondered where that hole came fromin the deeps of my heart made me yearn for the drumIts the same place where the crosses burnthe same place where the loss was earnedIts the place where the floss was yearnedGold teeth and bling, ice on the rings, baby sure(Chorus)Yo we all got things that hang on our backthings that make us cool, things that make us whackthings that make us madthings we wish we never had doneBut theyre just the things that make us realnot the maps that guide where we go from herethe road twists and braids like hairuntil we all get there

Since The Pharcydes prime, Tre Hardsons voice has shed some of its humor for a simplistic earnestness that attempts to elevate the metaphysical and spiritual content of his lyrics, while preserving their accessibility.Here are some classic Hardson lyrics from The Pharcydes Bizarre Ride II: The Pharcyde:Next thing you know, we got together, word, I thought wed be foreverDidnt have an um-ber-ella, now Im soaked in stormy weatherwhether two birds of a feather fly or fall itll be togetherNever sympin, and leave your love life limpTherell be no suicide attempts for this slim-trim kidCuz you know theres otha fish in the sea, that is, in the seaAnd heres some of the stuff hes flowing on lately from his solo production Liberation (re-released for this tour). Roots, Love & Culture is a smooth ride that Tre took with MC Lyte, and it traveled well, as it still gets play in various club and underground scenes:So get up, get up, get up, get upAh put your piece in the air cause its love in the club, whatWake up, wake up, wake up, wake upEverything that you see, aint always how it be, nowNever be fooled by what you seeSo drop the facade next time you step to meSo wake up, wake up Yeah get up, get upWhere youre hands, put em up, one time, cmonHardson, Speech and crew start the show at 10 p.m. at Sherpa & Yetis in Breckenridge.

What: Tre Hardson, Speech When: tonight; doors at 9 p.m., show starts at 10 Where: Sherpa & Yetis, Breckenridge Tickets: $12 at the door

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