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History, degrees matter, right?

Ed Billeaud, Breckenridge

RE: Stop the rants (Daily Mail, March 6)Kudos to Dennis Flint for taking to task the Hertzbergs and all their high-brow criticism of Bush and his war. The nerve of those people, using things like “history” and their “college degrees” to make their points! Haven’t we as a nation pretty much decided that those things aren’t relevant anymore, and instead we’re just gonna bull-rush our way through the new millennium, guns a-blazin’?Let’s remember, we’re at war people! Albeit a premeditated unilateral incursion under false pretenses against the wrong country; but nonetheless a war that our president says is “global” and will last a long, long time. That means it is now un-American and unpatriotic to question the motives, judgment, or actions of our sagacious commander-in-chief.After all, our fearless leader (he never winces at sending others into battle), that natural born genius, decorated war hero, and renowned scholar and statesman George W. Bush has the fate of our nation, much of the world, and countless future generations in his hands – surely he knows what he is doing, and all his decisions are well thought through, and above our petty, annoying questions. For goodness sakes, he was appointed by the Supreme Court, then re-elected by a computer-generated majority of “votes” – how much more legitimate could his authority possibly be?Anyway, who really cares how many thousands die, hundreds of thousands are wounded, or how many trillions it costs us? It’s worth it to “get Saddam,” right? So buck up, Hertzbergs, and stiffen your spines. Save your criticism for important matters, like sex in the Oval Office. And if you need a little encouragement in supporting the war, try thinking of all the oil we’re gonna get out of this deal! The Summit Daily News welcomes letters to the editor, preferably by e-mail to letters@summitdaily.com. Past letters can be read at http://www.summitdaily.com.

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