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Holdout Markey will vote for health reform bill

by Michael Riley
The Denver Post

WASHINGTON – Democratic Rep. Betsy Markey intends to vote for a compromise health reform bill, a move that bolsters the hopes of party leaders looking to pass President Barack Obama’s key domestic policy initiative.

Markey, D-Fort Collins, is one of 39 House members who voted against a health reform bill that passed in November. That group has been courted intensely in recent weeks as Democrats look for 216 votes in support of a compromise measure, which scraps the so-called ‘public option,’ among other changes, from the House bill they earlier opposed.

“I have come to the conclusion that I am going to support this bill,” Markey said in a conference call with reporters.

Two weeks ago, Markey said she was still uncertain about how she would vote: “We don’t yet know what the House may be asked to vote on in the coming weeks, but when we do I’ll look at that bill like I look at

every bill that comes up in the House – through the eyes of a Colorado small businesswoman,” she said in a release.

CBO numbers released today likely swayed her vote, as Democrats are now pushing the measure as the biggest deficit reduction bill any member could ever vote for.

The Congressional Budget Office this morning estimated the total 10-year cost of expanding coverage at $940 billion. The nonpartisan analysts said the legislation would reduce the federal deficit by $138 billion over its first 10 years, and continue to drive down the red ink thereafter.

Markey will vote for health reform bill

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