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Home Depot will give Frisco and the community what it needs

I’ve heard and continue to read about how Home Depot will destroy the “priceless charm” of the town of Frisco. I don’t know what I’m missing. The entrance to Frisco is the commercial center of the town. It might never be charming. A good site plan and strong architectural guidelines will make Home Depot more attractive than most of what currently exists near the site. The argument that Home Depot/large-box retail ruins local businesses is the same argument I’ve heard for the 25 years I’ve lived in the county. Most businesses, when faced with competition, adapt their business plans and their identity, to survive and flourish. Businesses that remain static probably aren’t going to survive, with or without new competition. The big boxes can’t compete with local qualities of specialization and customer service. I am a big supporter of local businesses and will continue to support them when they are confronted with competition. Anyone believing that an alternative development plan involving smaller-box stores (like Ace Home Solutions) will have less of an effect on local businesses is kidding themselves. I would like my tax dollar to stay local. We have great “convenience” shopping opportunities for home improvements in Summit County, but we pay “convenience store” prices. Currently, my higher-dollar, home-improvement purchases are made outside of the county. Having a local Home Depot will prevent my tax dollars from being sent out of the county. I have lived in Summit County for 25 years. I reminisce about how it used to be, but am realistic enough to know that times have changed and the community needs to be dynamic in its long-term vision.The town’s elected officials have spoken, with plenty of community input, an independent committee has spoken and now the people of Frisco get to speak again on Dec. 13. Don’t miss the opportunity to express your opinion at the polls.I strongly support a “Yes” vote on Dec. 13.

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