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Home Depot will improve Frisco

Robert LevinFrisco

Re: The Dec. 13 election is about finances, not big boxes (SDN Dec. 1)Great article; this tells it like it is. The area where the home depot is going is retail with large businesses: Wal-Mart, Safeway, hotels, fast food restaurants and gas stations. This will not change this area – it will enhance the area.The voting citizens of Frisco would be foolish to pass up this opportunity. People should not get caught up the notion this will change the face of Frisco. This will bring more jobs to the area. This will bring more people to the area, which will bring more business to existing businesses such as resturants, ski shops, small shops on Main Street, furniture stores and many other small businesses. The new employees at the Home Depot will have to shop for clothes, food and many other products and services. This will help most everyone in the community and bring in revenue even in the slow business seasons. The tax dollars will help finance many worthwhile projects for the citizens of Frisco.

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