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Home Depot’s objectives

Paul RomanoDillon

I had a personal conversation with the new manager of a new Home Depot in another town. Co-existence is never their objective. But a 100-percent exclusive on anything they sell is job No. 1 for them. Their immediate objective, therefore, is to drive out of business any other local business that sells anything they do. I am unaware that they have ever failed in this business plan. I saw it happen myself in that other town.So it will be bye-bye to all those business owners (and their businesses, of course) who currently oppose Home Depot coming here. Only Wal-Mart and Target will survive Home Depot. I’ve lived here for only 15 years, but I know a lot of people who work in those places and I will sure miss them. Home Depot is not ever owned by any local people – it is owned by stockholders who are only concerned about their profits. I can assure you, I have been one, and in that role I considered nothing else.If you vote for Home Depot, you are giving Frisco a monster blank check, annually, forever. Anyone who votes for Home Depot will automatically and permanently approve all the known – and unknown – future plans of the Frisco government.

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