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Home Trends: Dressing your place for fall

Kalyn Johnson
Special to the Daily
Special to the Daily

Primping your home appropriately for the seasons can have a direct effect on your mood: Putting you in the merriment of the cider brewing, leaves changing, football watching, treat baking and gearing up for the holidays ahead. Fall brings such a sense of coziness and contentment. You can mirror those feelings within the decor of your home to really amplify the season.

Dark, warm colors (deep red, burnt orange, mauve and purple, evergreens, gold) can bring a lot of seasonal appeal to your space. This doesn’t mean you have to repaint all of your walls or buy all new furniture. If you want to do the quick approach to dressing up your place for fall, you can throw in a couple of accent pieces harnessing fall-like qualities. A really hip trend right now is the industrial rustic look. If a piece looks like it was found in a 50-year-old barn, it’s a hit! When hunting down your accents, try to think metal ware, strong distressed textures, mirrored decals and matted wood finishings for your fall decor.

Want to go beyond the simple accessories? If so, you can begin to compose a palette of colors, themes and shapes you want to bring into your home. I like the idea of painting an accent wall in one of the colors I mentioned earlier. With existing neutral walls, a darker accent color can be a focal point for any room. Keep in mind that an accent wall should be a wall that already earns attention. A fireplace, television, attractive portrait or painting all lend themselves to being the central area of focus within a room – put the fall accent color on the wall featuring those pieces.

Furniture colors are taking a turn for the warm and cozy trend. Russet orange and gold hues are popping up in furniture stores. I know most of us tend to lean toward the brown toned themed because they are “safe.” However, try placing these colored furniture pieces within a neutral room. You will earn respect from visitors who admire your eagerness to experience with “outside of the box” furniture colors.

To achieve the overall experience of fall home decor, combine elements of color walls, accent pieces and furniture. Your home can be as subtly ornamented by tucking silk leaves along shelves or extremely decorated with a russet-colored living room set. Highlight with some pinecones, pumpkins and other gourds that can easily transition into Thanksgiving decor.

Have fun experimenting with different ideas. When the season comes to an end, meticulously pack your decorations away for next year in plastic containers. Delicate breakables should be wrapped up in bubble wrap or newspaper. Before you know it, the fall season will return again, and you’ll appreciate your orderliness from the year before as you unpack your pieces to redecorate.

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