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Home Trends: Making dining room spirits bright

Kalyn Johnson
Special to the Daily
Special to SHP

It is the time of gathering with the holiday season swiftly approaching. One of the focal points of this cheerful time of year is, of course, the dining room.

While you have the Christmas tree glowing, the banister dressed with garland and stockings hung along the mantle, the holiday theme can also suitably be carried into the dining area. Adorning the dining space with the merriment of the holidays allows your guests to feel welcome and jolly during your celebration dinner.

Today your dining room decor need not be composed of the typical tinsel or multi-colored lights. Instead, utilize the season’s newest trends in holiday embellishments. From rustic-chic to metallic and glittery, holiday trimmings have really spread over a variety of aesthetics.

The newest concept is to work with mixing different genres in order to achieve a collaboration of effect. The rustic-chic motif brings together organically textured pieces (such as frosted pinecones, burlap, birch trees and mason jars) with more classic touches like reindeer, candles and ornaments.

The common trend in dining room holiday decor is table runners. Runners allow for a splash of color and detailing to accompany your theme. Strategically arrange imitation spruce sprigs, pillared candles in oversized vases and other knick-knacks in a symmetrical display along the length of the table runner. You can fashion additional flare by selecting garland with frosted bristles, red berry insets or even lights intertwined within the arrangement.

Carry the holiday decorating into your seating. Ribbons and bows within your color scheme can be tied around the back of your dining room chairs. For the finishing touch, use some twine to tie name tags, spruce sprigs or pinecones to the ribbon. Rather than using the standard name tags for your assigned seating, you can use thick, cream-colored paper as your table cloth and write the names of your guests on the table.

The fold up card table for the kids need not be left out the holiday cheer. A simple table cloth can go a long way for these less-than-attractive tables. Opt for a patterned cloth in a bright, festive color. Play up that color with some additional accents, such as seasonal plates with holiday inspired phrases. The holiday plates and utensils can be accompanied by a floral centerpiece. Place a few simple gifts on the table that the children can play with during the meal and take home with them at the end of the evening.

There are many resources and images accessible online that may lend you inspiration. The vast variety of ideas and themes available will allow you to fully cater to your taste. I encourage you to work with items that provide longevity, so that you may use them for years to come. Now go ahead and create your perfect holiday dining room – and happy holidays!

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