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Homeowner decides in favor of annexation

As a second homeowner in Warrior’s Mark, I have been inundated with mail from both the pro- and anti-annexation committees.

Coverage of the issues in the Summit Daily News on Sept. 26 presented both sides positions fairly and accurately.

At first glance, my thought was, why would I want to pay higher taxes?

However, in considering the known quality of town services versus the obvious and continuing deterioration of county services, the right choice is clear.

For an average cost of about $200 per year, some of which may be offset by lower water bills and recreation fees, we can be a part of the town.

For those who are unsure of the difference, check the town boundary line which is marked with a very small sign as you enter and leave Warrior’s Mark.

Please take a look at the condition of the road on each side of this sign.

Each winter, after a heavy snowfall, the snow removal difference makes the boundary even more clear.

Or ask someone who has had to call the county Sheriff’s Office how long it takes for a deputy to arrive. It may take an hour or so versus minutes for the town police. If you need the police, this easily will be worth the $200.

Ironically, many of those who oppose annexation have the most to gain from it.

These groups appear to be those who rent properties short term and those who anticipate selling property in the near future.

It is very likely property values will rise significantly as a result of the annexation.

The increase in property values easily will offset any costs.

Since I am not a full-time resident, I would not be able to vote in town elections, so the concept of having a voice in the town is not an issue for me.

However, I take pride in our property here and the neighborhood where we live.

I have seen a significant decline in the quality of the county services, which I expect to continue.

Becoming part of the town is clearly in our best interests.

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